If you were a leaseholder, you’d want to know that your building was in safe hands and being managed efficiently. Although some landlords may choose to manage the building themselves, it’s common for them to use a professional management agent instead.

If you’re exploring the options available to you in lettings, it could be that a career in block management hadn’t occurred to you. Want to know more? Here’s our rundown of what a role in block management could include.

What does a career in block management involve?

If you’re looking for a customer focused role in the lettings industry, then block management may be for you. Consisting of both field and office-based roles, simply put, it involves managing communal areas of multi-unit residential portfolios.

As with many roles within the lettings industry, the exact requirements of the job depend on the individual lease of the property as each one is unique. In many cases, individual flats within the same block won’t even have the same lease. That being said, those involved in block management will usually deal with a similar range of tasks, including the collection of service charges and ground rent, and the supervision and implementation of any work that needs to be carried out on the property. Although this maintenance work will vary from property to property, this tends to include; cleaning, emergency plumbing and electrical work, painting and decorating, and gardening.

Not only does block management involve constant communication with various contractors, it also requires a good understanding of legislation and leasehold matters, preparation of budgets and annual accounts, as well as routine inspections to check that the property is in good order. A major part of a role in block management is ensuring that the landlord gets value for money for their service charge payments, and the building is maintained in accordance with the terms of the lease.

What skills do you need work in block management?

Managing multiple blocks of flats requires a wide range of skills, as well as time and dedication. If you want to succeed in block management you’ll need to have good knowledge of legislation, health and safety regulations, basic accounting and building construction.

As with many roles in the lettings industry, you’ll need to be a people person who is committed to best practice and good customer service- you’ll be taking instructions from the landlord, but you’ll also need to consider those living in the flats too. It is also important that you have excellent time management and numeracy skills, along with very good attention to detail.

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