If you have not used a specialist agency such as Property Personnel before to recruit staff, or you are simply confused over the choice available in the market, we would like to reassure you that Property Personnel is the right choice. Learn why in our PDF guide, or by reading the reasons listed below:

We come to you!

The very first thing we like to do with all our clients is to meet them. By visiting their offices we are able to get an excellent understanding of the culture within the company, and a much better feel for the organisation. Just by walking into an office we are able to establish which candidates are more likely to suit which clients. These meetings also give you the client an opportunity to screen us, and help you decide whether or not you want to instruct us!

We introduce the right candidates

Our applicants are properly screened, both initially on the telephone and then by a face to face meeting, before being introduced to our clients. Not only does this dramatically improve our chances of making a successful match, but being this thorough invariably flushes out job seekers that are not as serious about their careers as we are.

How many times have you sat waiting in vain for candidates to arrive for an interview, or the minute they have walked through your door known they are completely wrong for your vacancy? We all know it happens, but by using us you are greatly reducing the risks of such time (and money) wasting.

We are often able to assist with referencing

With a knowledge of the business second to none, and an extremely good relationship with the majority of the industry’s top employers, we are often able to gain references on candidates you may be considering employing, giving you peace of mind.


We conduct Salary Surveys

We will give our clients advice on salary packages, benefits, job descriptions and contracts of employment, all of which are accurate, up to date and free of charge as part of the service that we offer.

Confidentiality is assured

We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality at all times, thus protecting the interests of both our clients and our applicants.

We have the highest standards

We are members of REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) – approved standards in recruitment.


All advertising campaigns and designs can be organised by us, again saving time and money.

“No Sale, No Fee”

We offer a truly professional and consultative service and, like you, we work on a “No Sale, No Fee” basis. i.e. You can interview as many of our candidates as you like, but unless you employ any of them there is no cost to you.

Value for money

We offer “one stop recruitment” at a very reasonable cost.