Looking for a new job can feel like a bit of a minefield – there are some great positions out there but, how do you get to them? How do you find them and ensure your application is seen by the right people?

While there is no exact science to job hunting, experts at BBC Worklife have worked out the most effective month, day, and even hour to search and apply for that new position you’re looking for.

Read on to find out the magic formula or send your CV to us at Property Personnel, where we’ll find the right job for you without you needing to plan an application strategy.

Best time to look for a new job - calendar


New job, new me. The old expression that accompanies the step into January as people revise their New Year’s resolutions and realise that going back to their job isn’t something they’re looking forward to.

However, while the most common month in the year for both job searchers and job listings is January, Paul McDonald from the recruitment firm Robert Half, says that you may want to get in ahead of the curve. He suggests that applying mid-December, instead of waiting for the January rush, could yield better results.

This is due to a combination of retirees who receive their yearly bonuses and leave, outstanding budgets that need to be used up, and places that have become available from those leaving in the autumn.

That’s not to say December and January are the only times to be looking for a job, even if that is when the majority of workers do. Other months to consider are April, if the company you’re applying to has their financial year end in March, and September, since hiring starts up again after the slow summer months of June, July and August.


According to Jodi Chavez, president of leading global recruiters Randstad, the best day of the week to apply for a new job is either Monday or Tuesday. This is the rule, unless the job listing was published on either of those days.

If the job you wish to apply to was published on a Monday, for example, it’s often a good idea to wait until someone else has responded since, typically, hiring managers will see the first application, set their benchmark from that, and wait to see what else comes in. While it can sometimes be good to be the one to set the benchmark, it’s not always the best way to get noticed.

With a job listing that appears on a Monday or Tuesday, the best approach is to apply between 12-24 hours after the post went live, and during the working hours of the industry you’re applying.


Data from Indeed has shown that job seekers tend to search between 11am-2pm and also after their evening meal. This is consistent during the week, until searchers get to the weekend, where activity drops and only picks up on Sunday evenings as the start of another week looms. This pattern could also be influenced by the fact that 1pm is the busiest time of day for job listings to go live.

But, when should you send your application? Jodi Chavez says that “you stand a better chance of getting visibility if you send it during business hours” so that it doesn’t get buried under a number of CVs that are all sent in the evening. While you may be looking in the evening, prepare your application and send it either between 10-11am or 2-3pm the following day.


Of course, all this information is helpful if you already know that you want to start a new job search. But, you don’t have to be miserable at your current job to know you want to start looking, although that is normally a good sign.

If you are experiencing any of the following feelings, then it might be time to start looking, even if you only identify with one of them:

  • You aren’t enjoying completing the tasks you’re assigned.
  • You aren’t feeling comfortable with your colleagues.
  • You aren’t pleased with the financial rewards of your role.
  • You don’t have a position that allows you to continuously improve and develop your skills.
  • You don’t feel respected or acknowledged for your work.
  • You aren’t actively engaged in what you do every day.

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