The role of a letting agent is diverse and enriching. While there are currently no formal qualifications required to become a letting agent (although this could be soon to change, which we discuss in more detail below), there are a wide range of skills needed to be a success in this role.

If you aspire to become a letting agent but are unsure of the necessary skills required, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled the relevant skills and qualities needed for an entry level letting agent to help begin your career in this rewarding industry.

What qualifications do I need to be a letting agent?

Skills of a letting agent

A letting agent’s role is multi-faceted, and no two days are the same. A letting agent not only markets a property and selects tenants, but other aspects of the role include drawing up tenancy agreements, responding to requests by tenants and meeting with landlords.

Certain qualities undoubtedly come in handy in a role as a letting agent, including:

Strong organisational skills

Being well organised is a prerequisite for a letting agent. In order to be successful in the role, being able to multi-task and deal with several enquiries at once is a must.

Time management

Having good time management skills is of the upmost importance when it comes to being a letting agent.

Your daily duties are likely to include setting up viewings, showing potential tenants around a property and negotiating with landlords, among many other tasks. The ability to manage time effectively is essential when it comes to this role.

Strong attention to detail

A key skill for any successful letting agent is to demonstrate strong attention to detail. From recalling property details to ensuring all aspects of the letting meets legal requirements, it is crucial letting agents are thorough in their approach.

Presentation skills

As a letting agent, it is crucial that you are well presented. First impressions speak volumes to the tenants, landlords and others you will meet, the company you represent and to you as an individual.

Being smartly dressed creates a good impression and projects professionalism.

Good administration skills

From checking tenant references and setting up viewings, to keeping up to date with changes in the law related to lettings, there is a great deal of administration involved when it comes to this varied role.

Strong personality

A strong personality is important for a letting agent role. This position involves regularly meeting face to face with a host of different people, including landlords and tenants, so it’s imperative that the letting agent is a people person and is friendly and approachable.

It is also important that a letting agent has strong communication skills and can be confident dealing with people, as well as being articulate, persistent and persuasive.

Ability to work at a fast pace

As we mentioned earlier, the role of a letting agent is multi-faceted. With this comes a multitude of tasks, often needed to be tackled at once, which means that being able to work at a fast pace is an invaluable skill.

Could the requirements for letting agents be about to change?

The Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA) is a working group who advise the government on rules and regulations that oversee estate agency in the UK.

RoPA will soon be looking to introduce an industry-wide change which will make it mandatory for all people practising in estate agency in the UK, and in lettings in England, to hold a certain level of official qualification in order to continue working in this sector. In short, all letting agents in England will need to be qualified.

Once this is passed, it will not only add further professionalism within the industry, but it will mean that letting agents will need to attain certain qualifications in order to work in this role. It’s not yet known exactly when this new regulatory framework will come into effect, but of course we’ll keep an eye on the situation. You can also register for RoPA updates.


ARLA, the UK’s largest professional body for letting agents, manages a set of professional standards for letting agents. While it’s not mandatory to be able to practice as a letting agent, having ARLA qualifications can lead to a higher salary and can also often make moving from one estate agency to another easier.

Find out more about ARLA here.

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