In our technologically-developing world, interviews are beginning to move away from the face-to-face meetings that they once were and on to the screen. Maybe the company you’re applying to is far away from your current home, maybe the head office is in another country, or maybe the company simply carries out all its interviews through Skype or some other video conferencing system.

Whatever the reason, virtual interviews seem here to stay. So, arm yourself with our top tips and make sure you’re fully prepared to ace that virtual interview and get yourself that job!

Check your technology & video conferencing software

Before your interview time, make sure that whatever system you’re using is set up and ready to go on your device – if you don’t already have it installed, give yourself enough time to download it and get it running. Don’t start installing the program 10 minutes before your interview is scheduled to start.

Check your internet connection, speakers, microphone and webcam to ensure that nothing will interrupt or hinder your connection and conversation.

Prepare your surroundings

Whether you’re conducting your interview in your own home or in a meeting room, make sure the background of your call looks professional. Tidy up any mess behind you and ensure that the space is well-lit and well-presented.

Turn off any radios or speakers – you don’t want any background noise interfering with your interview – and, if you live with other people who might be around at the time of your interview, make sure they know that it’s happening and that they’re not to disturb you or come into the room you’re in.

Plan your outfit

Make sure you look the part. Dress as if you were going to an interview in real life; not only will this present the right first impression, but it will also put you in the mindset of the interview and help you feel competent and smart.

If you’re unsure about what to wear, think of the smart-casual dress code that most offices use. This involves smart trousers, a shirt or formal top, and possibly a jacket or blazer. Don’t wear anything too bright or patterned since you don’t want to take attention away from yourself.

Tailor your body language

Body language is still visible in a virtual interview. Make sure you sit up straight and maintain the illusion of eye-contact by looking at the webcam instead of the screen. Don’t slouch or fidget – make sure you have positioned your webcam in such a way that you can sit up straight and still be the focus of the video, instead of being off-centre or too tall for the window.

Practice, practice, practice

There’s no harm in having a dry run of your interview – in fact, we’d recommend it, since it can help you work out all the possible issues and make sure you’re as prepared as you can be. Ask a friend or family member to be your interviewer and call them through your conferencing system so that they can check your background, your clothing and your body language through a mock interview.

Do your research

Being prepared for an interview, whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, is always necessary but, for a virtual interview it can be even more so. Since it can be more challenging to convey your enthusiasm and interest as effectively over a virtual interview, making sure that you know about the company, the job, your own skills and qualifications and how they can fit to the job will show that you’re invested and interested in the position you’re applying for.

Be yourself

The most important tip that we can give you when you have a virtual interview is to be yourself – you want the company to have an idea of who you are and how you could fit into the company and team you’ll be working in.

Instead of trying to be the perfect interviewee, based on your idea of what you think the interviewer is looking for, focus on the skills that you have that make you perfect for the role. Show them what you can offer, and it will make it easier for the company to know if you’re the right person for the job.

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