Recruiting for your company can be a time-consuming and costly process at the best of times, using up your business’s valuable resources without any guarantee of success. It can be a tough task to recruit new top talent, especially if similar positions are plentiful on the market.

This is where a recruitment agency can lend a hand. Recruitment agencies are specialists in their industries and can help your recruitment search in a number of different ways, from identifying and attracting talent to negotiating terms and contracts. This can relieve a huge amount of pressure from your company, and still make sure that you’ve got the right people working for you to help your business grow.

Read on to find out exactly how a recruitment agency can help you find the perfect employees.

They can identify talent in the industry

Recruitment agencies often work in one specific industry, meaning that they’re able to gain and utilise a wide range of in-depth knowledge of both the job market in that industry, such as recruitment, and the industry itself, so that they can present the jobs they’re recruiting for with confidence and insight to the right candidates.

Understanding current recruitment trends means that an agency can see where your competitors are attracting talent with certain techniques, such as higher salaries or other benefits. While this doesn’t mean you have to adapt your own job listings to match, you can target your recruitment requests more closely to appeal to the people you wish to reach.

Additionally, knowing the industry in detail means that the recruitment consultant you work with will have a solid understanding of the professions they’re supplying, meaning that they can target the right candidate and make sure that any CVs you receive are relevant and high quality.

They can assist with advertising roles

With their prominent position in the industry, a recruitment agency will naturally have more reach when it comes to advertising roles. Not only will they have a database full of highly relevant and talented candidates, they will have already built relationships with people interested in new opportunities, whether they’re actively looking for a new job or not.

Additionally, using a recruitment agency may help you find the people who aren’t necessarily looking on job boards for new positions – some people will stay off job boards because they have existing recruitment relationships, so you may only be able to reach them through a recruitment agency.

Sometimes, if a company isn’t able to advertise a role due to confidentiality, a recruitment agency could be the perfect solution. They would be able to advertise a role to the candidate that they believe would be a good choice, saving the company from missing out on an opportunity while still keeping the listing predominantly confidential.

They can save you time and money

We all know that the recruitment process is rarely a quick and inexpensive one – there are many steps to take before the right candidate joins your team.

A recruitment agency can offer so much more than simply finding you the right candidate to interview – they can also take on a lot of the other admin tasks that you would normally find yourself getting bogged down in. For example, they will be able to screen CVs of applicants to make sure only the best ones get sent to you. They can also cover all communications with candidates, including follow ups after interviews, and help with both initial interviews and salary negotiations if need be.

Because this is what they do on a daily basis, it’s also more likely that they’ll get it done more quickly, since they know what to look for, what questions to ask and how to spot any potential warning signs early on, leaving your HR Manager to deal with more important jobs.

Moreover, recruitment agencies can help you save money when recruiting. Since agencies are ‘no sale – no fee’ companies, you can receive as many candidate referrals from the agency as you’d like before hiring. You’ll only incur a cost if you actually employ someone that the recruitment agency has found for you, instead of having to fund the entire recruitment process yourself.

It’s an investment for the future

Building a relationship with a recruitment agency can not only pay off once you’ve hired your perfect candidate for a specific role, but also for the future. With a recruitment agency, if you’ve built a trusting and long-lasting relationship, future hires are more likely to happen quickly and more smoothly. Additionally, companies that have a good relationship with recruiters will often get called first about good candidates even if they are not actively recruiting.

Over time, your company and the recruitment agency will be able to gain a better understanding of how best to work together, so that communication can be well structured and effective. Through partnering, the recruitment agency will also be able to get a better picture of who the right candidates are for your business, looking beyond simply the skills and experiences they possess. Recruitment agencies, if they have a good relationship with your company and understand your requirements and position, can also use their expertise to give advice on a variety of aspects when listing a job, such as salary benchmarking.

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