When it comes to landing that dream job, social media is a fantastic resource. However, it’s also vast and can prove a little intimidating. As such, many of us stick with the same channels and activities, reluctant to deviate from them. This restrictive behaviour – though unintentional – can be detrimental, as you are potentially limiting the number and quality of job postings that reach you.

Never fear as there are many other ways in which social media can be used to enhance your hunt and most of them are really simple, too. Here are a few ways in which you can usual social media to help in your job search:

Like/follow your preferred employers

A great way to hear about any new, interesting vacancies is to ‘follow’ (Twitter and LinkedIn) or ‘like’ (Facebook) the companies that you want to work for. Many businesses advertise their roles on social media as it’s free and a great way to alert ‘fans’ to their vacancies. Big businesses might even have Twitter accounts run by their recruitment team, so make sure you follow those too.

Lists on Twitter

On the above point, another really valuable feature of Twitter is the list function. We often miss tweets from people and brands because of the sheer speed in which tweets are posted, however, this needn’t be the case if you set up a list. Assign all your favourite accounts to, say, a ‘job’ list and all those vital tweets will be easy to find.

Participate in forums and group discussions

Social media encourages discussion, so get involved. Join some groups and forums that relate to your area of specialism and start interacting. This is not only a fantastic opportunity to network, but it also enables you to impress potential employers with your intelligent input.

Share / tweet relevant info

To enhance your job prospects further, it’s a good idea to cultivate a social media ‘presence’; sharing relevant information which might position you are someone who is up to date with industry news and events. Make sure to use the right hashtags so that your posts can be found by like-minded people. Watch as your Twitter following grows, too.

Get connected on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is too good for you not to use – it is the first place that many recruiters and hiring managers will go to for extra candidate information, so you should always keep your profile up to date. That aside, it offers the opportunity to connect with influential people and network, such as recruitment consultants, company bosses and employees in roles that you want. Simply send an invitation and wait for the acceptance to follow. This will allow your skills and experience to be noticed by the people that really matter.