A huge rise in salaries for permanent workers over March is the most striking takeaway from the latest Report on Jobs.

Conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG, the study is known for being a key indicator of performance for the UK labour market.

Cited by ft.com, data from the new report shows a rapid in increase in permanent salaries over March, with month-by-month growth accelerating at the fastest pace since July 2007.

In promising news for jobseekers and less pleasing signs for companies, the report also recorded further reductions in the availability of personnel. The average number of candidates applying for permanent jobs declined at the sharpest rate since October 2004, with the number of temporary applicants per role dropping at the fastest rate in nearly ten years.

REC/KPMG attributes this slump to a modest rise in both permanent and temporary appointments. All four of the British regions monitored by the study displayed growth in permanent placings, with the North showing the biggest rise in vacancies.

Private companies managed to dwarf public enterprises in terms of demand for staff, although solid increases in placements were witnessed in both.

Bernard Brown, partner and head of businesses services at KPMG, said the fact that employers are focusing on providing more full-time vacancies is promising.

Talking at rec.uk.com, he added: “Britain may not yet be near the levels of full employment that chancellor George Osborne committed to last week but, with permanent and temporary placements remaining strong, anyone looking for a new job must be increasingly confident that their search will soon be over.”