There’s a lot to be said for personal development. As humans, we thrive on change, and our professional lives are much the same. When we get stuck in a role that has minimal room for development or growth, it’s easy to lose interest as we begin to feel stagnant, as though we’re not accomplishing as much as we should be. And that’s where the importance of personal development comes in.

Research conducted by UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School revealed that a huge 65% of millennials consider personal development the most influential factor in a job, with a quarter of those asked deeming ‘training and development’ as the biggest benefit provided by an employer.

The property industry is certainly one which provides plenty of scope for development and progression. The fast-paced environment of the property industry is one which is not short of opportunities, and the transferable skills gained whilst working in the sector also pave the way to move into other fields and roles.

Personal development & growth

How does working in property help personal development?

You’ll get training

Many property businesses, whether big or small, have training and development courses already put in place to ensure that their employees are reaching their full potential. This training means that not only are the staff more knowledgeable and highly qualified, but in turn they’re more confident in their abilities too. Graduate positions in the property industry are likely to involve a programme which enables new recruits to gain a real understanding of all areas of the business before getting stuck in themselves.

There’s always room for progression

Career progression within the industry is usually based on performance and achievement. Effort will be rewarded not only by commission, but promotion too. Success in the industry can be gained with experience, dedication, exceeding targets and hard work, and the time scale in which this can be achieved depends both on who you work for and, of course, how much work you put in!

You’ll develop new skills

The key to evolving within your career beyond the initial training period is ensuring that you’re always picking up new skills on an everyday basis. The property industry is rich in these, from practising integrity to fine tuning your communication and negotiation skills. The more you progress in the property industry, the more of these skills you’ll gain, and you’ll constantly be improving your personal development.

How can you work on your personal development?

The key to ensuring that you are staying on top of your personal development is by creating a development plan to help you structure your thinking. When creating your plan, make sure you define your goals, set a deadline, and measure your progress.

The great thing about working in the property industry is that you’re likely to already have goals set for you which will keep you on track and measuring your progress will help you realise both your strengths and any areas that may need extra work. Try to add some personal goals too, such as attending a networking event or industry trade show or increasing your market knowledge to grow your skills further.

If you’re looking for an industry which not only encourages personal development, but thrives on it, the property industry could be for you. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you find the perfect role and reach your goals.