In this guest blog by Georgina Eastwood, one of our top recruitment consultants, Georgina explains how candidates should and shouldn’t behave in order to motivate their consultants to find them their dream job:

When candidates are looking for a new position, it’s important they do everything possible to help their recruitment consultant along the way.

So, if you’re registering with a recruitment consultant, keep the following points in mind about what you shouldn’t do and how you can motivate your consultant instead.

How NOT to motivate your recruitment consultant

Don’t be disinterested

If your consultant calls you about a job position, don’t answer your phone sounding disinterested and dismissive. While it’s just a fact of recruitment that you don’t always hear back from everyone, you should be expecting calls back updating you on progress in your job search. Make sure to engage with your consultant and be receptive to what they have to say.

Don’t bend the truth

Whether it’s information on your CV, your availability for interviews, or your interest in a position, always be honest with your consultant. They won’t appreciate having to see through excuses and investigate to find the truth.

Always be honest when discussing your applications with your recruitment consultant – this will make the process far more rewarding and successful for both of you.

Don’t be late for your interviews

Being late for an interview shouldn’t be an option, especially if you’ve put in the work with forward planning and organisation. However, if there’s a genuine reason, make sure to always let your consultant know – they’ll appreciate the update.

Make sure to always find out everything you can about the location and timings of the interview before you attend it so that you can plan your journey accordingly and accommodate any issues that may arise.

Don’t use a generic cover letter

Your covering letter needs to be a reflection of your interest in a certain position and industry so, if you provide one that is completely unrelated to your application, you’re much less likely to be successful.

Always create a new cover letter when applying to a certain position or industry – you want it to reflect the right information and provide a valuable insight into your personality and abilities.

Don’t forget to give feedback

After an interview, it’s always important to give feedback to your recruitment consultant. They can’t be prepared for follow-up questions or further steps in the process if they’re unaware of how the interview went or whether you felt the position was right for you following your meeting with the company.

Always check in with your recruitment consultant after an interview – they’ll want to know what went on, even if it’s just to know that it went well.

Don’t use email as your sole communication

While emails can be very effective for the first steps of the recruitment process, once we’ve received your CV and registration, it’s much more insightful for a recruitment consultant to discuss what you’re looking for over the phone. Email threads can stretch on for long periods of time and it can be much quicker to simply pick up the telephone.

Be open to talking to your consultant over the phone; it’s much easier to avoid misunderstandings or miscommunications and you can say so much more without waiting for replies. Additionally, make sure you have voicemail on your phone so that your consultant can leave a message about a position if they can’t reach you.

Don’t ignore your consultant’s advice

As recruitment consultants, part of our job is to provide candidates with our industry experience and application knowledge.

If your recruitment consultant recommends changing an item of clothing, adapting your interview responses, or even to just getting a haircut, this should be advice you should respect and take on board. We wouldn’t say these things to you if they weren’t going to help.

Don’t register and apply for too many roles

If you want your recruitment consultant to be able to manage your applications effectively, it can be very demotivating if you’ve applied directly to many applications, and also registered with a number of other recruitment agencies. This can be a very time-consuming process to unravel since your consultant will need to know whether you’ve already applied to vacancies they’ve identified as well, or if another recruitment agency has already sent your application out to the same company.

Keep things simple by keeping your applications to a minimum and allowing your recruitment consultant to manage the process for you.

Don’t exclude your consultant

Contacting a client directly, either through email or phone, can be effective but can also cut your recruitment consultant out of the loop. The reason employers hire recruitment agencies is to take the pressure off themselves, which doesn’t happen if you contact them directly instead of through your consultant.

If you have any feedback about a position, an interview, or even just want to ask more questions, make sure to send these to your consultant who will pass them onto the client.


If you follow this advice the whole recruitment process will be made a lot easier for everyone involved. A motivated recruitment consultant ultimately leads to a happy job seeker – register with us today and start the journey to your dream job!