In this guest blog by Georgina Eastwood, one of our top billing consultants, Georgina explains how the behaviour of some of her candidates puts her off wanting to help them find their perfect job:

Before working for a recruitment company, I probably wouldn’t have given this topic much thought. However, having now spent years helping candidates to secure their dream jobs, my outlook on motivating a recruitment consultant is very different!

In my naivety, when candidates are looking for a position I assumed that  it would be in their nature to do everything possible to help their recruitment consultant along the way. To my surprise, I then discovered that the majority of applicants do not seem to share my views!

So here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind, about what NOT to do the next time you register with a recruitment consultant:

  • Don’t answer your phone in a disinterested manner when you have applied for positions. We do appreciate that candidates do not always hear back from everyone, but expecting a call back is surely part of the job application process? Well, apparently not for everyone! When putting a call in to a candidate, one of the most off putting things for a recruitment consultant is the sound of an uninterested sounding voice at the end of the phone. Quite frankly, there are many other applicants who will be keen to speak to us.
  • Don’t lie! Why do candidates feel the need to lie to us? We are not unfriendly people, and we would much rather have the truth rather than having to go all around the houses with made up excuses before finding out what we knew all along – the candidate is lying to us.
  • Don’t be late for interviews. Generally speaking, with forward planning and organisation, there is no excuse for being late to an interview. However, if there is a genuine reason, then just let your recruitment consultant know – we don’t bite!
  • Don’t attach a covering letter that is totally unrelated to the application. As you can imagine, recruitment consultants receive an outstanding number of CV’s on a daily basis. Therefore, receiving a CV with a covering letter relating to a completely different job or industry is not going to motivate us to want to help you!
  • Don’t forget to call us after interviews with feedback. We work very hard to get you that interview so please call us afterwards to let us know how you have got on. It’s common courtesy!
  • Don’t insist on discussing a job via email. For a good recruitment consultant, it is all about the TELEPHONE. Being embroiled in a long email conversation is not motivating, especially when it is far quicker to pick up the phone and speak with you.  We are only trying to help you.
  • Don’t apply for positions without having a voicemail on your phone. When we receive an application, if we can’t get hold of you we at least want to be able to leave a message for you.
  • Don’t ignore the advice we provide you with. When meeting candidates, our objectives are purely to help them find the perfect position. We offer advice based on years of industry experience, and sometimes this falls on deaf ears. If we tell you to change an item of clothing, or get a haircut, we would expect this to happen. Sending a candidate out on interview, having had these conversations, then getting feedback from the client to say nothing has changed, is really not going to motivate us to keep helping you! Again, we are doing this for your own good, not just for something to say.
  • Don’t register with too many agencies at one time, and apply to numerous jobs directly. This may sound like a strange one, but with recruitment ‘less is definitely more’! As awful as it sounds, being up against endless applications made directly and through other agencies can be very time consuming and highly de-motivating. If you keep your applications to a minimum, your recruitment consultant will be in a far better position to help you.
  • Don’t cut us out of the loop.  Whilst we understand there can be a need to email or call clients directly, it is usually best to let us know! One of the main reasons clients use recruitment agencies is to take the stress away for themselves. Therefore, emailing them directly when you have received negative feedback, for example, is not a great idea.
  • Don’t turn up to an interview dressed inappropriately. Wearing Ugg boots, for example, is not a good look! An interview is the place for a business suit – nothing else under any circumstances.

I can promise you that if you follow this advice the whole recruitment process will be made a lot easier for everyone involved. A motivated Recruitment Consultant ultimately leads to a happy job seeker!