Britain’s poor students get a tough break. When the tabloids aren’t photographing them coming out of a nightclub at 3am looking less than fresh, the broadsheets are waxing lyrical about how the tens of thousands of pounds they will rack up in debt is unlikely to ever be paid off. It’s like University Challenge doesn’t even exist.

Thankfully, a recent study told a different story, one with a little more joviality than debt, depression and STDs. It said that one in five university graduates will go on to become millionaires. So for the students with much of their lives still ahead of them but no clear idea about how they’ll make their millions once studying comes to an end, here’s a few suggestions.


Let’s face it, if there’s one subject that jostles with students for column inches it’s property. In boom times the sales sector is wild, whilst during a recession the lettings industry takes centre stage. There really are few times – if any at all – when the property market isn’t going great guns.

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with enough pocket money to start their own property empire, but that’s not the only route to your millions. Instead, working your way up the estate and letting agency ladder could be a better option.

Starting with a job selling homes can – for those who are good at it – soon make for a supervisory or managerial role. After that, you could set up an agency of your very own, meaning you don’t only reap the financial rewards but be your own boss and see your name up on the local high street.


All of the above notwithstanding, property isn’t the only sector in which it’s possible to make your riches. There are business opportunities all over the place. Whether it’s people who have an invention they take to the public or those who spot a gap in the market they could fill, the opportunity is there.

From the man who created his own bank to that Apprentice candidate who’d “revolutionised” the humble nail file – opportunities are there for those who spot them.

These potentially high rewards come with great risks, though, as many businesses fail to get beyond the start up phase. With banks gaining in confidence and opportunities such as crowdfunding providing new routes to market, becoming a self-made man (or, indeed, woman) could now be easier than ever.

Staying put

Much of the aforementioned money making opportunities are for those who aren’t sure where their future lies. Anyone who is undertaking a vocation-based degree (such as medicine, ophthalmology, law etc) will be likely to stay within the fields in which they are qualified.

Naturally, these will provide their own money making opportunities, with experience on the job soon elevating to turn this into a large-scale money spinner for those wanting to take their career to the next level.

There are, of course, countless ways of making money after university, so try them out. After all, we need more positive news for students to enjoy.