When it comes to buying a house, location is still highly important to homebuyers, a new survey has found.

Ian Williams of Ocean Finance, which conducted a survey to discover what factors were most important when buying a property, said homebuyers are still very clear on what they do and do not want.

“The old adage about the three most important factors when choosing a property being location, location and location hasn’t changed but it is interesting to see what factors drive that choice of location,” he commented. “Whilst avoiding areas of high crime is obvious, the importance of being able to park nearby and avoiding noise may be less so,” reports propertywire.com.

Ocean Finance’s survey revealed that safety is the most important thing for homebuyers, as 72 per cent said they would be put off buying a property if it was located in an area known for high levels of crime. Interestingly, Londoners were more tolerant to crime, as only 60 per cent wouldn’t choose to buy under the same circumstances.

Other off-putting things included being near a sewage works (43 per cent), being under a flight path or near an airport (25 per cent) and 14 per cent said they wouldn’t want to live next door to a pub, mortgageintroducer.com reports.

Positive qualities that homebuyers look for are a good amount of parking (35 per cent), closeness in regard to family and friends (27 per cent), good transport links (also 27 per cent) and being in a catchment area for local schools (25 per cent).