New figures have shown that during the first nine months of the Help to Buy scheme, the highest number of properties purchased under the scheme were located in Leeds, with 230 bought with help from the government.

According to, the West Yorkshire city was closely followed by Wiltshire, where 224 properties were bought under Help to Buy. Coming in third was Central Bedfordshire with 197 purchased properties. Six per cent of Help to Buy purchases were made across the whole of London, equating to 810 homes.

Overall, from April to December 2013, 12,875 homes have been bought with help from the equity loan scheme. A further 6,446 were in the process of being purchased too. It’s estimated that as a result, almost 20,000 people have been helped either onto or up the property ladder.

Kris Hopkins, the government’s housing minister, said the scheme will have a positive effect on the housing sector.

“With each of these sales being a newly-built home, I’m pleased that house builders are using this momentum to build more, getting workers back on sites and getting Britain building once again,” he stated. “All this is a key part of our long-term economic plan, helping bring house building to its highest levels since 2007 and orders for construction materials at a ten-year high,” reports