How to dress for a job interview

We all know that first impressions count, and that is certainly the case when it comes to a job interview. Research from, who interviewed almost 4,000 interviewers and potential employees, found that six in ten bosses say dress sense makes a big impact.

Dressing smartly is important no matter what role you are interviewing for, but there are a few other things to remember when dressing for your interview. Here is Property Personnel’s guide to being interview ready.

Look sharp

If you’ve gone to the effort of putting on your finest suit for your interview, it’s important to make sure it’s looking its best. The evening before your interview, ensure your clothes are neat, cleaned and freshly ironed to save a mad rush in the morning.

Keep it natural

The person interviewing you wants to see you, so wearing too much make up can be a little distracting. The key is to look professional rather than party-ready, so go for a natural and understated make up look.

Do your research

If it’s possible, visit the company before your interview. Walk past the window, or even have a look at their website to scope out what sort of clothes the team wear. Try to mirror the style when you go for your interview- portraying the right image is going to help the interviewer visualise you as part of their team. If it’s a casual office, don’t assume that you’ll be out of place wearing a suit or smart clothing to your interview – it’s expected from interviewees.

Remember the details

Yes, even your bag will be looked at by the interviewer, so it’s best that you don’t bring your supermarket ‘bag for life’ along to your interview. Either bring a professional bag, or simply come without one. Portfolios and briefcases not only look professional, but are also perfect for bringing along extra copies of your CV, examples of previous work, or a list of references just in case you are asked.

Make an effort

Although it sounds a little on the obvious side, doing simple things such as brushing your hair, ensuring your nail polish is not chipped, and polishing your shoes are ways of showing that you have made a concerted effort, and are consequently keen to impress.

Button up

Before you go in to your interview, take one final check to make sure shirt buttons haven’t come undone or your flies aren’t open. You’ve made an effort to look your best, so don’t let the smallest of details let you down at the last minute.

Dressing the part puts you well on the way to making a success of your job interview. If you think now is the time to look for your new job, try out our job search today.