Are you looking for a job in the property industry but not having much luck by yourself? Looking for a leading property sector expert to help you find a position that fits with all your skills at a company you’ll love?

You could really benefit from registering with a property recruitment agency. An agency can not only help you with finding your dream job, but can also assist with tailoring your CV, helping you prepare for interviews, and making sure your CV reaches the companies that you want to work for.

If you decide to register with us at Property Personnel, here’s what the process will entail.

Step 1: registering

The first step to finding a new job with a recruitment agency is to register with one. At Property Personnel, you can register online with our registration form.

We’ll ask you to send your most up-to-date CV and a covering letter with your application but, if you don’t have one or think yours needs work, don’t worry. Still apply and we’ll be able to help you work on it.

It’s key to note that we keep all your details 100 per cent confidential and do not pass any details on to third parties. Your details are only shared with potential employers at your discretion and with your consent.

Also, we do not charge anything for you to register with us – our service is completely free.

Step 2: support and applications

Once you’ve registered with us, you will have access to our resources to make sure you’re fully prepared to apply for a new job. You will be able to talk to our specialist recruitment consultants and ask advice, work on your CV with our CV template, and use our CV writing guide.

When a job that we think could suit you becomes available, we will contact you with the job role and ask if you would like us to send your CV over to the company. If you think the role is a job you’d like to apply for, your CV will be sent over for the company’s consideration.

Step 3: interview preparation

So, your CV has been sent over to the company and, good news, they want to meet you! Now comes the most important part – preparing for your interview. We’re expertly-placed to offer you a hand with preparing since our specialists have a combined 75 years of experience in the property industry.

We also have a guide that can tell you exactly what you can expect from a property-specific interview and what sort of questions you may be asked.

Make sure you dress to impress for your interview too – you want to make a good impression and there’s no better way to do that than by looking smart when the company first meets you.

Step 4: negotiating

After your interview, the company will come back to us and share their feedback. If they want to hire you with no stipulations to the job specifications and contract, then that’s fantastic – simply make sure everything is good on your end, and you’re heading towards a new job.

However, sometimes companies can offer a different job proposition to the one originally on the table, and it’s up to you to decide whether you would still be happy to accept it. We’ll field the questions for you and make sure you understand what they’re suggesting – maybe you asked for a salary of £35k but they can only do £32k, or maybe you applied to work a four-day week and they need to clarify which days you’d be in the office.

Whatever the offer, you’ll be able to discuss this with the company, accompanied with our advice, and hopefully meet a mutual point where you’re both happy.

Step 5: start your new job!

Once all the questions have been answered, contracts approved and signed and a start day set, it’s time for you to take the next step into your brand-new job. At this point, your recruitment agency – Property Personnel – has fulfilled its role and found you the job that you were looking for.

Now is the time to thank them and start your new job.

If you’d like to find a new job in the property industry, we’d be happy to help! Simply register on our website today and we’ll help you find the dream job you’ve been looking for.