Confidence is high in the property market, with the average homeowner predicting a nine per cent rise in house prices in the next six months, research has revealed.

A survey, conducted by Zoopla, found that 95 per cent of UK homeowners are expecting house prices to rise, compared with just 74 per cent in the same time last year.

According to, the results also found that around 42 per cent of respondents intended on carrying out home improvement tasks between now and September, whilst a massive 30 per cent plan on buying a house in the next twelve months.

Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla, told that homeowners are looking to improve what they have through renovation works on their current property. Homes on the market are receiving more and more attention from prospective buyers and smart property owners are looking to capitalise on this.

Mr Hall said: “With prospective sellers eager to take advantage of a buoyant market and buyers wanting to snap up the best properties before they slip out of reach, indications suggest the market will remain strong over the coming months as increased supply and buoyed confidence drives activity on all rungs of the ladder.”