Homebuyers are getting smarter with their property choices, looking for features that are going to make their home cheaper to run rather than opting for attractive period features, a new survey suggests.

According to propertywire.com, the survey conducted by Gocompare shows just nine per cent of Brits buying a home think period features are essential. Modern features are much more attractive to homebuyers it seems, as 73 per cent say an efficient central heating system is a must-have. This is closely followed by double glazing, which is in demand by 72 per cent of Brits.

Of course, location is still key too, as a fifth of respondents say they look into whether any decent schools are nearby before purchasing a new home, reports independent.co.uk. Some 52 per cent of buyers are more concerned about which shops and amenities are in the vicinity.

Internet access is becoming increasingly essential too, as 54 per cent of Brits will only buy a home if there’s a good broadband connection available. In fact, Ben Wilson from Gocompare says the internet is now seen as the fourth utility in many households.

“Our research suggests that today’s potential homebuyers are putting practical concerns ahead of aesthetics by looking for properties which are cosy, energy efficient and secure, rather than full of character,” he explains.

“With ever increasing gas and electricity prices, fuel and financial economy are a concern for many households, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that a well insulated home and efficient central heating systems are key priorities for buyers.”

Even a good phone signal is important, as 34 per cent of homebuyers say this is a must-have.