Half of Brits dislike their job so much that they think they’ve taken on entirely the wrong career, according to a new report.

Business banking firm Kalixa Pro found that 49 per cent of Brits are actively considering a career change. In fact, some are so unhappy in their job that they’d class themselves as being bad at their job as a result. One in seven went so far as to claim they don’t care about their current job at all.

Of the 2,000 workers surveyed, those who were most unhappy claimed the root of their problems was a ‘meaningless’ job or one that was too stressful. For others they feel like they’ve gone as far up the ladder as they can go in the current position. The old issue of overly long hours is also problematic for 15 per cent of British workers, hrgrapevine.com reports.

The forecast was worst for those in the legal, manufacturing and hospitality industries, as these reported feeling the biggest desire to change career paths. That said, Kalixa Pro found that not everyone is complaining aimlessly about their jobs, but many are taking steps to remedy the issue. Many of those quizzed were actively taking steps towards their ideal role.

Commenting, Kalixa Pro’s Colin Swain told dailymail.co.uk: “It’s shocking to see so many people are unhappy in their jobs, but great to see some are turning their dreams into a reality.”