Job-seeking has stepped up several notches in the last few years. No longer is a traditional CV enough when trying to reach recruiters and keeping your head well above the competition. These days, the internet plays a huge role in the success – and failure – of a job application.

One of the tools that is most widely-used now is professional networking site, LinkedIn. Not only is it a great source of vacancies, it also allows recruiters to get directly in touch with a member if they like what they see on their profile. It is a tool that most, if not all recruiters will use in order to glean some extra information about a candidate that extends beyond their application form.

Consequently, getting it right is key. Here are five things that you must absolutely get right on your LinkedIn profile:

1) Don’t copy and paste your CV

A common mistake is to simply duplicate the information on a CV and think that’ll do. Wrong. As mentioned above, recruiters are seeking further information that can inform their decision. This is your chance to show them all the extra skills and experience you have, so create a profile that emphasises your good bits. A carbon-copy of your CV can be deemed lazy and may actually harm your prospects.

2) Create a great heading

Under your name and against your photo is a heading. Typically this states your role and current place of employment, but it doesn’t need to. You might want to mention something pertaining to your personal life as well as your professional accolades, especially if it will make your profile more visible to recruiters.

3) Include the right information

Think about what it is that recruiters will be looking for; even if you’re not specifically searching for a new role right now. There are some words and phrases that are standard, of course, such as key and transferable competencies such as empathy, team-working, communication skills. However, it’s a good idea to incorporate a few terms that recruiters might search for, terms that can be found in job adverts and role specifications – that way, when the time comes, recruiters can find you.

4) Check and check again

Anyone that has revised a CV will know, it’s an arduous task. It takes time and patience. Sometimes it can be so absorbing, though, that you can’t see when a simple mistake is staring you in the face. That’s why it is always important to check the profile again the following day. Hopefully, any errors should be easy to spot and you can amend them before recruiters notice and make a quick judgement call based on your apparent lack of apostrophes, etc. It stands to reason that your text should be spelled correctly, if you want your profile to be taken seriously.

5) Keep your profile regularly updated

A LinkedIn profile is an important part of your job-seeking armour, but if you let it go rusty, it will fall apart. An out-dated profile won’t help your quest for the dream job, so ensure that you keep it updated often. Add details of your latest successes and qualifications, of any new skills acquired. To get the most out of your profile, it must be kept up to date.