CV Blunders
29 July 2016

CV blunders: Don’t do what they did »

CV. Two letters that send fear, loathing and anxiety into the hearts of people around the world; on which future job prospects and general happiness could depend. The CV divides opinion – some say the concept is out of date,

How to optimise your CV – 4 top tips
1 July 2016

How to optimise your CV – 4 top tips »

We’ve spoken before about how to write a fantastic CV – that’s great, but how do you make sure that your CV is even seen? You could have two-pages of pure professional gold, but if no one can find it,

4 July 2014

Graduates warned against lying on their CVs »

Graduates are being warned not to lie on their CVs or job applications, otherwise they could face up to ten years in prison.

UK fraud prevention service, CIFAS claims that more and more students are being found guilty of employment-related fraud.

18 July 2013

How to put together your Property CV »

Take a look at the updated version of this guide. Find out our latest CV advice by reading the new version of this guide – Writing your CV.

If you’re looking to land a job in property, the first thing you’ll need to do