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Allison Dalrymple

Allison Dalrymple

Allison has worked at Property Personnel for 20 years and during that time has consistently been the highest achiever in the company. Allison's knowledge of both recruitment and the property industry is second to none and in January 2015 her loyalty and performance were deservedly rewarded with promotion to Director level.

10 February 2021

Tuesday 17th March 2020 – the day panic set in! »

I was very dismissive when friends and colleagues were worried about what was emerging in Wuhan: In my mind there was no way it could end up in the UK and I genuinely thought people were overreacting! As news came

13 December 2013

The Office Christmas Party – friend or foe?? Ho! Ho! Ho! »


As the Christmas season hits full swing, most companies have already booked the venue, or at least are talking about it!  As an employee, surely it is just the logistics to think about; how to get there and back, and