Most people will have taken a well-earned break between Christmas and the New Year, and with so much more time than usual on their hands, many of them will have decided that now is the time to start looking for a new job.

If this is you, we thought you might like a few obvious, but sometimes overlooked, tips:

1. Look the part:

Whilst some might argue that appearances shouldn’t matter, in the world of property they do! Research tells us that interviewers make up 90% of their mind in the first 90 seconds, so make sure you get it right!

2. Honesty:

Honesty really is the best policy, so please don’t lie on your CV, or in person. You will almost certainly get found out.

3. Social media:

Potential employers regularly use sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get a first impression of their candidates, so check your profile often (Google yourself!) and set your privacy settings wisely. In a recent survey, nearly 70% of recruiters admitted that they had rejected candidates because of what they saw about them on networking sites. Make sure you are not one of them.

4. Have a focus and be prepared:

Before you start your search for a new job, be clear on who you want to work for, and who you don’t. For example, do you want to be a big fish in a small pond, or would you rather work for a larger company? And if you are invited to that all important interview, make sure you do your research into the company and the person you are meeting. With so much information available on line, you really have no excuse.

5. Stay positive:

Finding a job is a job in itself, and you may get rejections along the way which could easily dishearten you. However, this is exactly the time when you need to retain a positive mental attitude, and a successful job seeker is invariably a positive and persistent one.

Good luck!