Five top tips for staff retention
4 February 2019

Five top tips for staff retention »

“The world of work is changing rapidly, and it is blatantly obvious that job seekers recognise that companies that treat their staff well are the most attractive to work for. As a consequence, they will invariably win the war for

confidence in job recruitment
20 December 2018

Five ways to get a confidence boost when applying for a job »

If you’ve been looking for a job for a while, you might know what we mean when we say that your confidence may not be quite where it was when you started your search. While we all know that rejections

Recruitment agency advantages
13 December 2018

The advantages of using an agency when recruiting »

Recruiting for your company can be a time-consuming and costly process at the best of times, using up your business’s valuable resources without any guarantee of success. It can be a tough task to recruit new top talent, especially if

Dream Job in Estate Agency at Christmas
6 December 2018

Get yourself a dream job in property for Christmas »

While Christmas is traditionally a time for buying gifts for other people, why not get yourself a gift this Christmas and start the new year with a new job to look forward to?

Everyone has bad days at work but, if

14 November 2018

How to prepare for the job you really want »

As we celebrate the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, spare a thought for the fact that he’s effectively been preparing for his dream job for his entire life – that’s 65 years as heir to the throne. He’s been learning

29 October 2018

Managing your online reputation »

In our digital world, more and more employers are turning to social media to find out about candidates and potential employees after receiving their CVs. According to research, as many as three quarters of recruiters use social networking sites to

Property interview preparation
22 October 2018

What to expect from your property interview »

If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you’re looking to commence a career in estate agency, and that you will hopefully have interviews coming up. An interview can be a daunting prospect, but with the right mindset and preparation, you should

Property Recruitment Consultant Charlotte
10 September 2018

Meet the team – Charlotte »

Name: Charlotte O’Hanlon.

What do you do? I’m a Recruitment Consultant for Property Personnel.

How long have you worked at Property Personnel? I joined the team at the beginning of 2018.

What was property recruitment like when you first started, and has it

30 years of Property Personnel
9 August 2018

30 years of Property Personnel »

We recently celebrated our 30th Anniversary here at Property Personnel! Since 1988, we have worked with more than 5,000 clients and placed more than 10,000 candidates in jobs that have earned basic salaries totalling well over £100 million! But before

27 July 2018

An employer checklist: what to look for in a candidate »

Searching for the right candidate to fit your business can be a difficult task, especially when you’re not completely sure what to look for beyond the qualifications that they have. There are a number of characteristics that a perfect candidate